Extreme Green is, well, extreme. It is absolutely a system flush that will send a myriad of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants straight into your blood stream. It is super important, when juicing especially, to make the choice to buy 100% organics. 

Here is the recipe if you would like to begin juicing at home or if you are looking to add another green recipe to your book. The recipe yields quite a big batch so be prepared to share with one or two others. 

9 apples - any variety of red 

6 cucumbers 

3 bunch celery 

1 bunch dino kale 

1 bunch reg kale 

1 bunch purple kale 

1 bunch spinach 

1 bunch collard greens 

1 bunch romaine lettuce

1 bunch swiss chard - any variety 

1/2 bunch cilantro 

a bit of fennel to your liking - i like one whole head but do your thing!

1 large jicama 

3 lemons 

3 thumb size ginger pieces 

I like to store my juice in large mason jars with the lids sealed very tight. Fill up jars to the very top to disallow oxygenation. 

This recipe will yield well over 100 ounces of juice. Hard to give an exact yield due to varying vegetable shapes and sizes. Nature is so perfectly imperfect like that ;) 

Happy Juicing & Thank you for being and for being right here, right now! 

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