Legendary Lettuce Wraps

Legendary Lettuce Wraps. 

I once made these lettuce wraps for a few friends after a yoga class in the park and was immediately gifted a double pour of chartreuse. On this day, they became legendary. 

Recipe Yields about 6 Wraps 


1 (12oz) block of Tofu, Pumfu or Chikfu 

1 head of living lettuce or butter lettuce (for to wrap the wraps)

3 cups of chopped purple cabbage or you can simply use cole slaw mix 

¼ tsp minced garlic 

¼ tsp grated ginger 

¼ tsp sriracha or sriracha substitute (whole foods has a great probiotic version)

1 tsp coconut aminos 

½ tsp rice vinegar 

½ tbsp sesame oil 

toppings : 

Crushed peanuts 

Sliced green onions 

Sesame seeds (or hemp seeds for allergy substitute) 

  1. Drain and pat dry pumfu, chikfu or tofu block and cut into ½ - 1 inch chunks 
  2. Sauté fu in sesame oil - stirring occasionally until crisp and set aside in a bowl 
  3. Sauté garlic and ginger in sesame oil in the same pan for a minute or so and then add the cabbage mix and combine. 
  4. Add coconut aminos, sriracha substitute, and rice vinegar to taste. Mix and cook on medium high. 
  5. Stir in the cooked chikfu/pumfu/tofu chunks and add additional sauce if needed for season/taste. 
  6. Remove from heat for about 5 min
  7. Assemble mixture into lettuce of choice - butter lettuce, I like 
  8. Add toppings - crushed peanuts, green onions and seeds of choice 
  9. Happy Dance - these are flavorful and will evoke dance moves especially when paired with chartreuse :)

Thank you for being & for Being Here Now! 

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