PHO REAL - a delicious and vegan pho

Pho Real – A Delicious Vegan Pho - 

WARNING : SPICY AS HELL - take it easy ;) 

I love this recipe, it is unique and takes time and some special ingredients. Extremely healing and excelsior taste. 

Ingredients : 

Spices – Grind whole, dry spices with pestle or you can sub pre-ground spices

1 Tbsp Fennel 

1 Tsp Star Anise 

1 Tbsp Cinnamon 

1 Tsp  Cardamom 

1 Tbsp Lemongrass 

1 Tbsp Sesame Oil 

10 cups Vegetable Stock

1 yellow onion diced 

3 cloves garlic minced 

1-2 inch fresh ginger minced or 1 tsp ground dry ginger 

1 large leek ( i used 1 bunch of green onions and my guests were none the wiser ) 

½ pound of oyster mushrooms or any assortment of mushrooms to add for extra yummy umami 

2 carrot shredded

1 handful of green beans

Noodles of choice ( i have used artichoke noods and some GF vermicelli and both were splendid ) 

Dried Red Chile peppers 

1 Tsp Sea Salt 


Toppings :

1 Fresh Jalapeno - sliced 

Fresh chopped parsley 

Fresh Mint 

Bean Sprouts 

1 wedge of lime per serving 

Coconut Aminos 

Probiotic Sriracha  


Directions :

Char the onions and garlic in a small pan for about 7 minutes and add ginger for last 2 minutes

Add Sesame Oil and Spices to large Pot and briefly toast the spices  

Add Charred onion mix and veggie stock to toasty spices 

Wash and simmer oyster mushrooms (cut into smaller servable pieces) in sesame oil in a separate pan, add (gray or black) sea salt 

Stir broth on a medium heat for At Least 15-20 minutes to allow the flavors meld 

Strain broth to remove any large pieces of cinnamon or other spices - note: this will also remove onions and garlic - you can add some of this mix back to the broth if you'd like. i like to leave it on the side with the other accoutrements so that guests can add in if they so choose. 

Add in veggies – leeks, carrots, and chiles 

don't forget the Noods - add in sufficient noodles

oh and i also pluck out the red chilis prior to service - those are spicy enough to kill grandma!! 

ok, Namaste and enjoy. Again, I am so glad you're here rn! 

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