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Below is a favorite t-shirt and the first run of printing. This is a pre-sale and shirts will be delivered to you by mid to late August. Snag this t-shirt and support The Green Tender and our launch of "The War on Yoga" which will be our apparel subsidiary. The War on Yoga was actually a dream before The Green Tender was born and we are excited to dive into creating an impactful message with our up and coming t-shirts and other apparel items. 

The War on Yoga - what does that even mean? The War on Yoga was born of two main precepts or ideas.

The first precept and more widely known is that when we wage a blind war on something that something wins. Look at our history with The War on Drugs and The War on Terrorism and probably the most scrutinized and current war, The War on Gun Violence! War is a very serious business and it is that - business. We wish to almost shed light on the ignorance which has been spread about the happenings and how-tos and what really goes into waging and fighting a war. This was also a big statement, yes, by John Lennon and Yoko Ono - an infamous sign, if you will. When waging or engaging in War, one must know the facts and stand behind him or herself wholeheartedly. The problem we have in these blind wars is doubt and therfore a lack of faith. More on this to come. 

The second precept is our personal knowledge of the absolute transformational and healing aspects of Yoga. Our founder, Sherry, discovered Yoga eight years ago and she made a vow, that same year, she would stop at nothing until all knew of its healing benevolence. Here we are. This precept is, sure, more personal, and less renowned, but equal, in part, to the first in our eyes! 

By bringing these two precepts together we came up with the concept and THE WAR ON YOGA was born. The idea is to wage a blind war on the very thing we want to win. Seems, these days, everyone wants to fight with their words behind a screen and the casualties have become our children and our people. We are ready to wage this war with you, on yoga, and show you what you're up against. 

There are less people practicing yoga in America than there are people who do. This leaves, still, a lot of room for growth and understanding of the practice - beyond the physical. Yoga was never a religion, but a tool to guide us closer to our own faith - whatever that may be! 

The meaning is vast to us and when we wear this message we get at least one person offering to buy it each time - you have asked and here we are!!! 

Purchase this shirt via pre-sale and become an integral part in the growth of The Green Tender and the launch of so much more than an apparel brand, but a movement to understanding one another - to LOVE. To understand another is to love another. 


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