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blue job

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nutrient rich, hydrating, low calorie, something to dish about. 

Our blue job beverage is a play on blue spirulina and the intriguing curiosity around its hue! Spirulina is green in nature and this blue pigment protein complex is extracted and said to be high in vitamin B6, antioxidants and minerals. It does fall on the Superfood list if that resonates with you! The smell and flavor are more neutral to taste. Proteins can strengthen brain and memory function, of course, and make for an awesome post workout that is surprisingly low calorie & approx 110 carbs. 💪

Blue spirulina is currently being studied for its myriad healing benefits.

Here, Spirulina is combined with pure honeydew and a squeeze of lime.


Lastly, this Blue Job is a great hangover cure (go figure) for obvious and numerous reasons listed above!