The Green Tender

red, white, and black lemonade post workout trio

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this red white and black pack is for the summer of course.

strawberry, basil, lemon, maple and quality H2O make up the red one, we call this one Strawberry Basil Lemonade! She’s so crisp and refreshing, like no other, truly. 

the black one is our detoxing charcoal lemonade which you can also find in the summer cleanse! Charcoal, lemon, maple and quality H2O is all you need for this detox. Of course, she tastes good too! 

and the blue one… oh the blue one! This is fresh, organic (of course, everything is organic here) honeydew melon, blue spirulina, a squeeze of lemon and Celtic sea salt. 

pure, raw, orgnic, cold pressed and bottled locally in columbus, OH

all juices are 100% organic and have not been pasteurised and, therefor, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. settling is natural. shake well. highly perishable.