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the neophyte - 2 days

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the neophyte is a two-day cleanse perfect for those looking to try a juice cleanse for the first time or perhaps a seasoned juicer looking for a quick reset. this is the perfect option for anyone in need of a detox, yet struggling to find time for an extended cleanse. this is for you, the busy parent or professional with a need for support. this simple two-days will give your digestive system a break and rebuild some essential gut micro- flora. please remember to drink plenty of water and limit extreme physical exercise – great time for some yin yoga. as always, listen to your body. 

this cleanse comes with four juices per day and two hand-crafted raw & vegan protein-oat milk smoothies.

all cleanses can be picked up on the morning of you start date. we also offer local delivery. 

five day cleanses and extended cleanses will have additional delivery dates. we offer a three day shelf life guarantee on all juice blends. note, when stored in your home refrigerator, juice life will be extended by one to two days.

recommended drink times are 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm with your final juice blend at 7pm. You can begin earlier - take two hours between each juice. drink one 18oz water between each juice. you can simply refill your juice bottle with filtered (quality) water. 

hydrate well before during and after cleansing... always hydrate well.  

cleanses are made-to-order!  orders placed before noon will be delivered to you next day unless otherwise requested. schedule your cleanse ahead of time, no problem! We are always an open line of communication so please reach out with questions, comments and concerns. 

cleanse juices come in reusable / recyclable glassware and upon return to us you may receive credits to additional purchases! Ex. When returning 12 bottles from a two day cleanse you will use code GREEN12 for $12 off your next cleanse. 

all juices are 100% organic and have not been pasteurised and, therefor, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. settling is natural. shake well. highly perishable.