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peach immune-i-tea

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this is our first tea blend. we combined our cold-pressed juices, peaches and lemons, as well as powerful immune boosting herbal loose leaf teas and other super herbal blends. shatavari is a powerful hormone balancing herb and lemongrass has it's own healing benevolence and is a diarrhetic. 

this particular blend is a seasonal peach, lemon and shatavri immune balancing blend made with one of the most subtle loose herbal teas we could think of... lemongrass. lemongrass has healing benefits and is a diarrhetic. 

four simple ingredients.  

this tea is unsweet and can be stored up to four days. You can drink cold, over ice or heat up and add some local honey for sweetness. 

the healing benefits of Shatavari are worth looking into. this is a hormone regulating tool. 

pure, raw & vegan, organic, cold-pressed and bottled locally

all juices are 100% organic and have not been pasteurised and, therefor, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems. settling is natural. shake well. highly perishable.